Thingamajigs was developed with an audience of young children (aged 3+) and their families in mind. The dance performance sees two performers explore how a variety of everyday, very familiar objects can be used in weird and wonderful ways.
Think paper telescopes, foil moustaches, human hoopla and much much more!

The work sees two performers notice a terrifying monster behind them. The pair try every which way to hide from the beast until suddenly they realise there is nothing at all to be scared of; his gruesome spots are just scrunched up pieces of paper, his scaly skin is just kitchen foil, and his legs are made of something that nobody would have guessed!
The piece takes the form of lots of short dances, each one discovering another everyday object until, finally, all that is left is a big pile of Thingamajigs!

You can watch a Thingamajigs performance trailer by clicking here.

Previous young audience members said:
‘I think you should do it again!’
‘It made me feel happy’
‘My favourite bit was when they played with the foil’
‘Thank you, I liked it’

And grown ups said:
‘We didn’t know what to expect at all so it was really refreshing to see something completely different. Yeah, good fun.’
‘Absolutely fantastic!’

Thingamajigs was supported by Creative Leap, a professional development scheme which aims to give emerging artists the chance to kick start their careers and turn their creative ideas into reality.


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