Packed with passion, The Little Love Cabaret is a love-struck scrapbook of true-life tales.

Fairytale romances, full-on obsessions, awkward break-ups and magnificent everyday acts of affection combine in a heart-warming, heart-breaking, and at times completely absurd cabaret devoted to shoving a little more love into your life.

Somewhere between a sketch show, a rom com, and a glitter bomb, join Spiltmilk Dance and two special guest artists for an all singing, all dancing love revolution!

Described as ‘Dance but not dance…like hiding vegetables in kids’ food’, Spiltmilk Dance have been sticking a big fat ray of sunshine into the world of contemporary dance since 2006.

The Little Love Cabaret is generously supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and the Rural Touring Dance Initiative.

Suitable for ages 12+

The Little Love Cabaret is touring during February – May 2018.

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So touching, funny and uplifting. Feel like I've been to a wonderland. This is what live performance is all about!

Audience Member

So hilarious, from silliness to sharp dry wit. This show is intelligent, poignant, silly and just the right level of camp. What more could I want from a show about love?!

Audience Member

My cheeks still hurt from smiling so much!

Audience Member

So joyful!

Audience Member