The company recently worked on a Creative Partnerships project through The Mighty Creatives with four year 1 classes at Woodnewton Primary School in Corby, Northants,  exploring ways of teaching mathematical concepts more physically.

The children certainly enjoyed this style of learning, and were always very enthusiastic about going to the sessions. It was observed that more reserved children were participating and putting their hands up to contribute more often than they usually would in a maths lesson.
We chose to work with topics that the staff identified as often being sticking points for year 1 children – time, money and place value. There was a continual sense of development; different ways of facilitating free explorations of maths concepts were explored, games were devised and human clocks and coins were made!

Each activity was evaluated by the young people taking part, and a case study was written at the end point to assess how the findings of the project may be used to inform the school’s delivery of maths in the future.

Staff have been left with the inspiration to teach maths physically, and have already put this into practice since the end of the project by using children’s bodies to teach 3D shapes. All Year 1 staff have said they will definitely teach maths physically in future, and are even considering the possibilities of how they could do this in other subjects. Staff also left the project with a feeling of liberation to give things a go, to experiment with new ways of teaching and see what happens, and identified that the freedom to do this was key to this project.
Some comments from staff working on the project included:

Thank you for all your hard work and ideas.
You have been fab to work with – a real inspiration.
It’s been great fun!
Come back soon!