We’re passionate about honouring¬†the things in life that we all have in common, regardless of age, gender, or social or cultural background and that’s what The Love Project is all about.

This Summer we’re meeting people across the country to find out about the things they love. From grand gestures of love to food fantasies, and fantastic friends to favourite days of the week, we’re on a quest to celebrate the fact that no matter what divides us, love unites us all.

Want to let us know what you love most in the world? Email us on info@spiltmilkdance.co.uk, tweet us @SpiltmilkDance, or come and join us at a Lovefest event. Click here to find out about Lovefest.

The declarations of love we gather will inspire the creation of The Little Love Cabaret, which will take place in 4 venues. At each venue we will be joined by special guest artists who will also create acts in response to the real-life love stories. Click here for more information about The Little Love Cabaret.

The Love Project is supported by artsdepot, Creative Arts East, Nechells POD, In Good Company, and the National Lottery through Arts Council England.